Snow and cold weather can be fun

Winter is especially for children but also its beautiful pages. Rudi Carrell was singing at the time, “When things get right again summer – a summer as it once was.” The old popular song of melancholy fathered by the distant past – to a time when the seasons are “okay” were. When summer was thought to hot temperatures to heat pool and leisure. When winter was thought to be freezing cold, but amazing for Thomas Kinkade snowman and sledding.

Winter with permafrost and ice provides chaos

funny snowmanAnd now he’s finally back: The “real” winter! The headlines are full of horror stories. No day goes by without bad news, because ice, snow and slippery roads for accidents, but also for chaos on the railways and at airports provide. There is no road salt anymore. Permafrost and avalanches have already claimed their lives. All of this is unfortunate, but where are the good sides of winter?

Snow and cold weather can be fun

Severe winters were in the past, also in Germany for granted. Our grandparents and great-grandparents did in very difficult conditions to deal with it. Today we complain already, because when winter weather conditions even has a train delay.

Even if, according to the Weather Service, the cold wave will continue for a while and to anticipate further disaster headlines, it would be unfortunate if the good sides of winter would forget completely.

What can be more attractive than a walk in appropriate clothing through a snowy winter landscape picture book?

What sounds better than the laughter of carefree children, if they fly wrapped up on their sleds down the hill?

Tips for building a snowman

Despite adequate snow seem snowmen in Germany threatened with extinction. You see them rarely. The building of snowmen was formerly just for winter fun like a playful snowball fight.

A snowman does not need much except a lot of snow. They formed a snowball in hand, circulated this so long in the snow, until it has become a big ball. In the same way a second medium snow ball is rolled, the ball is placed to the thick. A third, smaller ball forms the head. For the eyes were once fond coals used. Today, take stones, big buttons or round lids of cans. The imagination knows no bounds. The classic snowman is doing a red carrot for a nose, a stick but it also. A hat and a scarf should not be missing him.

So that the man of snow is not so lonely, building a snow woman is not handicapped. Hat with scarf instead it is the snowman like to keep you company.

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