To make snowmen as decoration

Seasonal decoration beautifies any home and enhances the cozy cuddly mood. You can do with simple materials and decoration themselves have all winter to enjoy it.

To plan the decoration

1. Consider if you hang up the decorations, glue or if you move.

2. Opt for the materials with which you want to make the decoration itself.

3. Find out where you can purchase the craft materials. It is available in craft stores and hardware stores.

4. You want to make the decoration of wood, keep in mind that sawing cause dust. You should therefore select a suitable den.

To make snowmen as decoration

Embellish snowman as decoration throughout the winter in the apartment. You can make it from photo paper or wood, because the templates can be used for both materials.

1. Place the cut out template transferred or on the photo board and the contours of the materials.

2. Saw or cut out the parts of the snowman and sand the wood smooth edges with sandpaper.

3. Swipe to the snowman pieces of wood with solid color and let it dry well. Paint the wooden parts with clear lacquer.

4. Glue the wooden parts or parts with adhesive card stock and decorate the snowman with small parts such as buttons, a broom or snowflakes from cotton.

5. Do you want to hang the decoration, in the hat, a hole must be drilled so you can do a cord.

6. If the decoration be placed, make of wood or cardboard photo two posts themselves. For this, two strips of material cut or sawed and in the middle to add a notch in the thickness of the snowman. Make the snowman in the notches, so that it is stable now.

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